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Dhanush N
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Understanding Redis

Redis is an inmemory data store

People misunderstand redis as only as plain key value store

⭐ But it is a data structure server supporting different kinds of values

Redis is used to handle

⭐ Blocked tokens in Authorization
⭐ RabbitMq Queues, chat, messaging etc.

Redis helps resolving complex concepts with simple commands

🔗 With rapidly changing data redis seems more adaptable than other popular databases like Mongo Db

🔗 But the only concern is the rapidly changing data should fit in memory

Feel free to add the benifits & points on redis 👇

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Stanley Sathler

Thanks, Dhanush.

It would be great to add more details. What complex concepts can Redis solve? What can we do with Redis that we can't with other kind of databases?

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Dhanush N

Sure, will try to add in my upcoming blogs

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This actually helpef