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Redesign of my portfolio

dhavalwd profile image Dhaval Vyas ・1 min read

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Dhaval Vyas personal portfolio and blog

Personal Portfolio

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Created by Dhaval Vyas

Static Markdown blogging using VueJS + Nuxt.js + GraphCMS

Use this setup to create a simple blogging system for your personal website. I am using Netlify for hosting and automatic deployments.

The goal of this repository is create my personal website where I can go and rant about Front end technologies.

Supported Features

  • Markdown blogging in GraphCMS
  • Example configuration in nuxt.config.js for loading common modules and route generation
  • One layouts
  • Integration of disqus
  • SASS css


  • Site Map (SEO)
  • Syntax highlighting of code
  • Time to read posts
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Runnable Code snippets


# install dependencies
npm install
# serve locally with hot reload 
npm run dev
# build /dist for production 
npm run generate
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(refer to the offical Nuxt documentation for help)


This repo originally copied form vuecms and then I modified to integrate it with GraphCMS to handle Blog posts…

Little about me

I am a Front End Developer and an amateur photographer. I am always up for learning something cool/new.

Little about my portfolio

I have been thinking about redesigning my website for quite some time. But I just didn’t want to start creating another HTML, CSS, JS static website. My main aim was to create a new website and learn any new framework along the way. I started looking into Vue.js and it got me really excited honestly because of the easier learning curve than React personally for me.

My portfolio is combination of Nuxt.js and blog hosted on GraphCMS. It is being hosted on Netlify which I think is one of the best place to host your static sites right now. I have started working on this somewhere in February and still it is nowhere near to make it live but I did it anyway. I always felt that it’s not perfect and requires some change and all. But last Tuesday, I just decided to make it live.

It’s a very small website. Please feel free to review it and give your feedback.

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silverman42 profile image
Sylvester Nkeze

Really awesome!!!. I am also recreating mine with nuxt. Here is a link to mine - .This is my second project with nuxt or vue ( from jquery land :) )

dhavalwd profile image
Dhaval Vyas Author

Thanks Sylvester. Yours look really cool too. I wonder what those number means in the right bottom corner on home page.

I like your menu at the bottom too. Nice page transitions as well. :)

silverman42 profile image
Sylvester Nkeze

Thanks. I intend using them as counters for the content of those pages.

tux0r profile image
tux0r • Edited
  1. That site does not load without JavaScript enabled. There is no technical reason for that, therefore you should probably fix it.
  2. Firefox complains about unsafe resources if I whitelist your page. Does it load non-HTTPS (or XSS) resources? If so, why?
dhavalwd profile image
Dhaval Vyas Author • Edited

Thanks for your feedback. I will look into the issue with site not loading with JS disabled. I am not sure about your second point though. I whitelisted my domain and didn't get any complains about unsafe resources. I also checked, all resources are loading through HTTPS.

tux0r profile image

Maybe some of my extensions break things then... 🤔

cheston profile image

Looks great!
Is the project icon in the navigation supposed to be a shopping cart?

dhavalwd profile image
Dhaval Vyas Author • Edited

No, I have planned to make these menu icons different but forgot to change it. Thanks for pointing that out. I totally missed that one. :)

coderlog profile image

It shows great! Love the hamburger menu. The REIT company web it's also awesome. Did you build it as solo developer upside down?

dhavalwd profile image
Dhaval Vyas Author

Thanks Xavier. I only developed Properties page functionality with Google map and showing listings on right side of drawer. Rest of the site was built by other team. This is my next things to do "Add description and things I have done on project" under each Project card. :)

tetteis profile image
Tettei Shahday-Annang

Great site, you've inspired me. Keep it up.

dhavalwd profile image