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This website doesn't have an API, so I made my own, with extra features.

The poet_this twitter bot I made, used to use selenium to extract tweets from (literally going to the website, pasting link, taking a screenshot šŸ’€)

This had several, several issues:

  • Very costly to host
  • Inefficient by design
  • Slow
  • Highly prone to errors and crashes

It was time to change this.

So I went ahead and created :

  • a python script that uses the Python Image Library to generate the image. This was quite challenging, because I had to (very painfully) plot stuff pixel-by-pixel, and also had to ensure that the tweet fits in the box (for which, I made my own trick where I vertically expanded the image, I'll write a bigger blog explaining the code)
  • An API that anyone and everyone can use
  • A frontend for the API
  • An overall framework, that works for twitter stuff for now, but I'll also be able to implement the same for reddit posts (and comments), etc. you get the point

It was a lot of hassle to make things like mentions, hashtags, and link appear in blue color, media support, and the replies, but I did it!

You can visit the website here -

To use it instantly on any tweet, mention @poet_this
So yeah, it's time to change the name from poet_this to beautify_this lol

"But isn't this the same as"
Well, it is for the most part, but I've also added (a very few, but important) extra features like replies showing up with a preview of the original tweet, with the website doesn't have.
Replies show up like this.

I also think that my updated design is better

also, THANK YOU SO MUCH for showing so much love on the last post. Because of your support, I got a 50$ forem shop voucher. Even though I'll be unable to afford the shipping costs, it means a lot to me to just receive the voucher.

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Hi, Dhravya. Thanks for sharing this amazing work. But when i try to reach your webiste, i get this error: Click . So beacuse of this error, i couldn't discover your website. Can you check please?

dhravya profile image

Hi there! It's been moved to

dhravya profile image

This is a fun project to do, especially when I'm really really burnt out and unmotivated to do anything else

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha

Great work.