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DigitalOcean Webinar Series: CI/CD on Kubernetes

Are you interested in learning how to perform continuous integration and continuous delivery using Kubernetes?

Join us for a webinar series hosted by Neependra Khare - Author, Speaker, Certified Kubernetes Administrator and Docker Captain.

Key themes of the series:

  • Introduction to release management & Cloud Native tools with Kubernetes
  • Service Mesh and it's role in delivering fully tested code
  • CI/CD toolsets that can be used with Kubernetes

Beneficial for:

  • Developers of all skill levels interested in delivering code with Kubernetes
  • Businesses looking to adopt CI/CD using Kubernetes
  • Architects & DevOps engineers wanting to understand tools to enable Continuous Delivery with Kubernetes

For the detailed agenda, schedule and registration - check out the series page here

Top comments (3)

patrickamrein profile image
Patrick Amrein

Where can I find the schedule of the upcoming webinars by DigitalOcean? I had a very busy March and May. I joined the webinar on Best practices for monitoring application health on Kubernetes by Diego Fagundes at CNCF. And now after nearly a 2-months' vacation, I need to plan my next 6 weeks before I start interning at SnapHunt Pte Ltd.


joelpintomata profile image

Hi Patrick, I'm running the site behind, as a directory of technical webinars. DigitalOcean in specific is not the most updated source, I reckon. I do promise to give it a look!



Thank you.

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