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How to contribute to an Open Source Project

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This is October, so many people want to contribute to an Open Source Project, especially with the #hacktoberfest challenge. But when you start, it's difficult to understand how to do it. That's why I decided to write this post.

Do you want to contribute to an open source project? Here's how!

1st - Read the README

If you already did it, you are lucky, if not, READ IT! It is called README not DONTREADME.

2st - Feature, fix ?

If you have a feature idea, just create an issue to describe the feature and don't forget to say that you can code it!

If not, take a look at the issues, maybe you can fix something.

3rd - Read the CONTRIBUTING file

All the things you have to do are written in the CONTRIBUTING file. Read it carefully. You have chosen your project! You are very happy and you want to contribute!

4th - Fork the project and code!

You just have to click on the little button at the right corner of the repository page. Example :

Github Fork

You'll need to learn how to use Git -> Git Learning Guide

  • Then clone your project.

  • Add your modifications.

5th - Commit and create your Pull Request (PR)

  • Now, you have to commit your modifications.

Then, click on the Pull request button on the official repository page :

Github Pull Request

Click on New Pull Request and then click on Create pull request

Give your pull request a title and a comment (According to the CONTRIBUTING file)

And finally, click on Create Pull Request.

You made your first Pull Request !!!

I hope it will help you ^^

Thanx to Quantum Sheep

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Thanks for your short guide! Because of that, I've submitted my first pull request yesterday. The only part where I struggled a bit was the part "Create pull request". I needed to select the other repo and my repo (drop down boxes) before the button "Create pull request" was clickable and I am not even sure if I did this on my repo or the other repo. SOMEHOW I managed it... May I made a mistake somewhere or you could add an additional explanation here. Thanks!


Hey ! To know if you made it good, take a look at the official repository pull requests and search your PR.


Hi! The Pull Request got already merged - yay - but I had a problem "creating" it when I read your guide - as described in my comment.


Me too, but I prefer to create an issue before implementing the feature because I can't PR what I want. I need the maintainer to be agree before implementing the feature.
Then I implement it.
Finally I create a PR.