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Dirk Hoekstra
Dirk Hoekstra

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I couldn't find a house in Amsterdam, so I build a tool that helped me find a place to live in!

Finding a rental in Amsterdam is really hard. There are way more people looking for a house than there are houses available.

I would often react to a rental listing only to find out that I was too late (even though I reacted the same day it was posted!)

So I started building some scrapers that would check all the rental listing websites every 5 minutes.

Each time a new listing came online the tool would send me an email! This helped me find a really nice place in Amsterdam and I thought "why not build a small SaaS tool out of it)

Fast forward a few weeks and is live!

Alt Text

Let me know what you guys think!

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Ebrima Touray


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Hi, do you planing to add more cities in netherlands?

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Ângelo Gonçalves Dias

It seems to be offline. I would like to take a look.