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Dirk Hoekstra
Dirk Hoekstra

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I build a Web Scraping API, curious what you guys think!

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I was playing around with Headless chrome browsers and proxy pools and decided it would be fun to turn it into a side project.

A few months later and the website is live :)

Basically it is an API that handles headless Chrome browsers and proxy pools for you so you can easily scrape data from the web.

I'm curious what you guys think of it!

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intermundos • Edited

The site looks very nice!

Question - by scrapping you mean getting page HTML or you provide functionality to parse and extract data by tags/selectors/xpath? Couldn't find documentation on this.

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5y • Edited

Well, I even used my personal mail instead of the one for spam but unfortunately, I can't get a verification email. EDIT: Sry it's just slow got it after 20 -25 min. But the idea is very good mb I'll try it in my next project

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Doaa Mahely • Edited

Hello Dirk, great looking website.
You may wanna use the #showdev tag on your post :)