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Get to know about TemplateBuddy

A resume is a person’s reflection in a written format. The resume is just like an image that speaks a thousand words, but only about your professional work. It is very important to have a solid and professional-looking resume to stand out from the crowd that is applying for the same position as you. But creating a resume can have its challenges. It is tedious to decide what information is relevant that has to be shared with the recruiter, would the employer like the layout of the shared resume, is the provided content enough and appealing, and my more. Some details like your education, work experience, skills are must to be showcased in the resume. Not only they must be present there, but should also be presentable so that it speaks for you that you are the perfect and most suitable person for that opening. Just a simple bulleted list does not look good, the information provided must be specific to the role you are applying for.

How can this problem be solved? Well, there are a lot of online resume building tools that can be used to solve this problem. Or you can contact professional content writers or agencies which can do this work for you, all you have to do is provide them with enough information and some additional details which depends from professional to professional. But why waste money when it can be done free of cost, right. But free online resume builders are not piece of cake either. Though they provide a step by step navigation for adding data and creating a resume for you, the challenge of selecting a template that would be professionally good looking and covers most of your data without wasting additional space for unnecessary information or due to the arrangement of the sections is still there. In addition to these, some features related to the free templates and better templates, both are available on a subscription basis i.e. the user has to pay to avail them. Keeping these problems in mind, we came up with a solution called TemplateBuddy.

What is TemplateBuddy?

Introducing TemplateBuddy, a free opensource resume builder tool which provides the aesthetically looking and professional resume templates all for free of cost. TemplateBuddy, like all the other resume builders, asks you to create an account. After that, it asks its users to provide all the relevant information they want to add in their resume. After adding the information, the user selects from the list of templates which he/she wants to use. The information is placed in the template and can be downloaded easily. An advantage of using TempalteBuddy is that it allows its users to download the LaTeX code of their resume. This source code allows people to modify the template if they wish to do so.
So, this was all about TemplateBuddy and how to use it. TemplateBuddy is an opensource project and if you like to contribute in it, head over to the GitHub repository by clicking here. In the next post, I will be telling you about some additional features which would be added to it. Hope you like the post, and use our platform to create beautiful and professional resumes.

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