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Ruin a Programming Language Challenge

domenicosolazzo profile image Domenico Solazzo ・1 min read

Let's have fun!

Let's start ruining programming language's names for fun. Let's see how much damage we can do to them.

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  • Ruin a programming language changing one character from it.
  • You can't add or delete characters from the name.
  • Have fun!

I will start with Rust!

Rust -> Just -> Must -> Lust -> r Est!

- What have you got instead with Rust?
- Which programming language are you going to ruin next?


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(works best with a Spanish accent though)


What about LavaScript?🌋🌋🌋


If Typescript is overrated it must be named as Hypescript😆😆


I'm not good at these. But I'll give you C-shart.


C-shard as in database sharding


I'm sure there's a good one for Dart but I just can't think of it.


Quite easily Dirt, Part, Mart, Dark ,and Cart😀😀


Swift as Shift
And Coffeescript as Toffeescript



How I feel when I try to understand that language


Rust => Dust
Dart => Cart
Haskell => Haswell
Lisp => Wisp
Boo => Poo
DinkC => KinkC
Racket => Facket
Nim => Rim
Pike => Puke


C plus plum. Remember to eat some fruits while coding.


Node —> Deno

Guess that’s already taken 😅


The favorite programming language for GOT fans is " by theon"


Change C# for C-. Like the score at school you got C- on your exam.


JAVAscript (technically I didn't change any letter 😂)


Python >> Pithon >> Hithon (a polite version of python who says hi :) )