WANTED: Help me build a cool playlist for coding music

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I enjoy anything lofi / electronic currently. Am definitely looking for suggestions of songs that help you trek through a session.

Definitely will build it on SoundCloud if anyone else would like it too.

Let's boogie.

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A chillstep artist I've been listening to a lot of lately is Illenium. Give his "Awake" album a listen.


Awesome. I usually take a trip through Blackmill inspired chillstep playlists, so this is right up my alley. Definitely will check it out.


oh how fun!

I don't know if Boards of Canada or Sigur Ros would count in either of those genres but I'll suggest them regardless 😇


I'm pretty open for anything! Will definitely check em out :)


The artist C41 is what I listen to when working and helps me stay focused.

Spotify Link


Starting the playlist up now

Will be adding songs as I go. Enjoy :)


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