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3 Ways To Make Money While Learning to Code

"If you can’t explain it to a 6 yr old, you don't understand it" - Albert Einstein

Are you currently in between jobs, while learning how to code and need some extra income? This article is for you!

When I started to learn how to code, I had recently left my previous place of employment and any and every job lead that I did have dried up, QUICKLY! At the time, I became highly proficient in HTML5, CSS3 and only had covered the basics of Javascript. I was valuable enough to share my knowledge but not enough to get the ultimate full-time gig at a local startup with Friday's off, in-house lunch and unlimited vacation days.

I have a natural ability to teach, as I am a veteran Teacher's Assistant in my college town's public school system and so I knew the power of teaching others. I don't know the psychological reasoning for it, but when you break down material to so others can understand, you begin to understand it yourself on whole new level. So why not make money teaching others while also learning the material even more myself?

I have no miraculous amount of money to share because every market and story is different but I do have a few ways where you can generate income while you learn to code.

1. Teach for Coding Organizations:

I joined in my local area, there are tons of organizations like Girl Develop It, who believes in providing low-cost courses to women in their local community. Organizations like GDI, usually have a chapter in almost every city so find an organization that you're passionate about and lend a hand to the mission while getting compensated. If you're not initially comfortable teaching a course by yourself, because you're afraid to "bomb" like I did once, you can always become a TA first and then step into the role of lead teacher. But constantly put yourself out there.

2. Create your own course:

If you have a following or not on social media your knowledge and teaching style is needed. Yes, it may be the same material but your personality is unique. create your own course. Sell it yourself, or put it on Udemy and other similar websites.

Additional Resources on how to create the course:

3. Help out a local startup or business:

In some markets, it's very easy to get an internship without the daunted CS degree, but in markets like mine, those internships are few and far. I went to local meetups and also perused the local job boards to see if any companies needed simple web development help and made some money that way.

This isn't an exhausted list but this is how I started to generate money while learning to code. I hope it helps and it becomes a springboard for you!

Do you have other ways you generate income while learning to code? If so share below!

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Ben Halpern

When I was in this period, I did low-key web consultancy.

I threw up a page (I called my company "Ben's Web") and offered to build web pages and work with platforms like wordpress. For me, this was pre-Squarespace. I know @jess did something very similar and did a lot of Squarespace work.

Eventually you will have the very annoying task of offboarding old customers who want you to keep up with some of this work and pay you little to nothing for the updates. But that's just part of the journey and learning experience.

jess profile image
Jess Lee

I only just offboarded someone like six months ago 😫

torbentee profile image

Please be more careful in choosing quotes. There are no hints that Einstein really said something like this.

Otherwise a lovely post 😊