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Dennis Ploeger
Dennis Ploeger

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What are your non-tech hobbies

Following the great post "Yes, You should have hobbies outside of code by Ashlee Boyer, I'd like to know what your hobbies outside the tech bubble really are.

I go first: I'm a hobby musician and actor in an amateur open air theatre (german speaking folks can check out our website) and that's a great counterpart to being an SRE/DevOps Engineer.

Btw, that cover picture is from our current production of "Madagascar" 😉

Now you!

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Alex Lohr

I ride my bicycle and do most of the maintenance myself. I participate monthly in the local Critical Mass ride and help organize the bridge café between my home town and the city I work in (we give coffee to cycling commuters for free once a mouth to say thanks for riding their bikes, this making both cities more livable & lovable).

I also sometimes play the ukulele and sing.

Since my wife and I have 2 kids, I don't have time for more hobbies.

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Vincent Grovestine

Ongoing house maintenance has occupied a lot of my time lately--there always seems to be snow to shovel, lawn to mow, something to paint, something else broken that needs a fix...

When true free time does avail itself, I've sustained an on-and-off hobby with radio control cars since the late '80s. Presently, it's the simplicity of an old school Tamiya Grasshopper, but I've got the itch to pick up a nitro monster truck. (I had an HPI Savage X a number of years ago. Engine tuning was always a battle between my patience and frustration, but I really regret selling it. ...Something about the smell and noise!)

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Fernando B 🚀

Woodworking, and Flight simulation X-Plane 11.

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SyntaxSeed (Sherri W)

Camping, swimming, reading, gaming.

My husband & I recently started playing Gloomhaven. Very fun.

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Amruta Ranade

Dungeons and Dragons! We play (almost) every Sunday afternoon 1-5 pm. I treat it as my sacred time and do not allow myself to schedule any work/side-project activities in this timeframe.

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Jess Lee

Making short films & playing classical piano!