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What do you like about Laravel?

I moved away from PHP frameworks years ago and missed the whole rise of the now very popular Laravel framework.

If you use Laravel what do you find most compelling about it? Community? Ecosystem? Other? Why Laravel over Rails, Keystone (or other based on Express), ASP.NET Core or others?

I tried asking on Twitter earlier but didn't get a response so I'm hoping the DEV community can give me their thoughts.

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Zubair Mohsin


Really supportive and active community. Special shoutout to Laracasts


From Local dev environment setup to production deployment you can find first-party packages and resources (paid) to get up and running really quickly.

Few reasons for Preference

  • I found Laravel in very critical times of my career. It helped me grow professionally and boost my career as Web Developer.
  • Its open source and is being actively maintained.
  • With every major release, there is something to be excited about 😍
  • Latest PHP support
  • Big fan of how easy it makes to interact with database ( Eloquent ORM )

I am still learning and exploring it. Hope you find it helpful.

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ryan • Edited

Laravel provides a tested set of functionalies that every modern website needs in 2020. Personally, I didn't choose Laravel because of Laravel itself. I chose PHP first, and Laravel meets my needs perfectly for hosting PHP apps.

I think developers shouldn't pick a Framework first, but a language first. Picking a framework should come after picking the language.

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  1. How easy is to implement features that would require extensive work if written from scratch (e.g. authentication).

  2. It prevents me from writting messy code.

  3. It also forced me to expand my knowledge in PHP, like learning what traits and namespaces are.

  4. The latest releases are bringing really awesome features.

Also, Laravel 7 is just around the corner, so it really is a great time to be a Laravel developer!