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Duke Norsworthy
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My First Blog! Going Back to School for Myself and My Future.

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It's-a me!

My name is Duke, and I've been coding for about 2 1/2 years now. I've gotten my start volunteering my time on an emulated EverQuest server, Shards of Dalaya. I learned Lua, a little bit of C, and got a glimpse at how the world of game development goes. Slightly unrelated, but I've also been a musician for 21 years, playing live events, recording CD's with friends, and making my own product at home. In a way, I hope that one day my two worlds could collide, as I would LOVE to work on music for a video game, or any media really.

As it says in the title, I've returned to school, specifically Flatiron School for Software Engineering! As of this post, week 1 has wrapped up, and the challenge is real. It's been slightly daunting, but I'm ready for it.

HTML and CSS has been fun to learn, especially it's artistic elements, but JavaScript has been a big wall to tackle. I knew about functions before with Lua, but function expressions, anonymous functions, returning function after function after function... my head is still spinning from some of this work, but it's only been week one. I'm still confident in my ability to overcome these obstacles, and I'll be blogging about it more. Who knows, if I become good enough at this stuff I'm learning, maybe my future blogs will be on my game development!

This blog will be a little shorter, as I planned on it being more of an introduction of myself. Stay tuned for my first JavaScript project within the month!

~ Duke


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Anita Beauchamp

Hi Duke! Congrats on starting Flatiron school. 🎉 You'll be owning those JavaScript functions in no time. 💪🏾

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Welcome to, I (we) look forward to seeing more posts from you pop up in the future!

Good luck in the new course, don't worry, you will grasp it soon enough!

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