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18 websites, where you can find a remote job

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If you are a mum, who needs lots of flexibility in work to take care of kids, or digital nomad who travels a lot and need a job which can be done from different places in the world, or maybe your health issues don’t let you go to the office easily, or maybe you just like to work from your favorite mountain chalet. In all of these cases, working remotely is a great opportunity to stay active in professional life and feel comfortable with it.

In one of the previous articles, I wrote about jobs that can be done remotely, so you can check out what skill you need to get one of these remote positions. But if you already are a programmer, or graphic designer, or have different skills which let you do one of those jobs, what next?

Next, you have to decide if you prefer to work full time with a company or freelancing, or maybe both. This will determine where you will direct your next steps, looking for a job.

I would like to list here two types of websites where you can find a job a remote employee, one for those who prefer cooperation on a full time or contract with the company, and another for people who decided to work as a freelancer.

P.S. If you prefer video version, check out here:

Let’s start.

Full time and contract cooperation

1. AngelList

AngelList is a platform for startups, where they build their profile, look for investors, and the most important in this case, look for employees. If you are interested in working in a startup environment, it’s a great place for you to start. To apply for a job, you have to set up a profile and describe your skills and experience. If you are ready, then go to the search and select that you are interested in remote offers, only like in the image below.

Duomly - programming online courses

2. Flexjobs

It’s a job board with over 50 profession categories where everyone can find some interesting opportunities. You can select between full and part-time jobs on every advancement level as well. After selecting an interesting category, you can change the filters and select „Only Remote Jobs” to not bother with part remote ones.

Duomly - programming online courses

3. WeWorkRemotly

WeWorkRemotly is one of the biggest job boards for remote employees, where you can find jobs in many different categories like programming, sales, finance, law, design, copywriting, and many more. After opening the page, you will see the listing of the newest job ads stored in categories listing.

4. RemoteOK

It’s another big job listing with remote jobs. Here you can find offers for tech, design, writing, sales, management, or even customer support employees. A great feature on this job board is the verification of job offers. If the job post has a green „verified” badge, it makes you more sure it’s worth to apply.

5. JustRemote

JustRemote is a job board offering jobs in development, marketing, design, and management. Jobs are grouped in category pages, and you can filter by the country, where the posting company is established and by the type, which means you can select if it will be a contract opportunity or full-time. The platform is very user-friendly, and I personally love the design of this platform, which totally shows the pros of working remotely.

6. Indeed

Many of you may have heard about Indeed already. It’s one of the most popular international job boards mainly for traditional jobs, but in the filters, there is an option allowing us to search for remote opportunities only. So, to not waste your time after opening the platform, look for Location on the left sidebar, and select Remote option like in the image below.

Duomly - programming online courses

7. Working Nomads

Working Nomads is a website where you can look for a remote job offers from different categories, like development, writing, sales, HR, or health care even. The listing looks very clear; it says what company posted the offer, what skills are required, and is it a full-time or contract opportunity. It’s really worth to check it out.

8. Remotive

Remotive is another job board where engineers, designers, customer support employees, or managers can find remote positions. The listing is clear, with skills needed for the job listed before checking details. Also, it’s possible to see offers from well-known companies there.

9. Jobpresso

Jobpresso is a job portal where you can go through the job listing, and also you can post there your resume to be noticed for a suitable job. On Jobpresso, you can find jobs for programmers, designers, marketers, project managers, writers, and some other positions. Listings have information about the timezone needed in the specific offer.

10. Linkedin

This may be surprising for many of you, as probably most professionals have a Linkedin profile, but a lot of people don’t know about the filter letting to search only remote offers. To select this filter, you have to open the „All filters” tab and select remote in Commute like in the image below.

Duomly - programming online courses

Freelancing jobs

Most of the freelancing portals work on the basis of auctions. Someone who needs a service to be done posts what he or she wants, when, what is the budget, etc., then freelancers can bid their offers, and finally, the most suitable offer is selected. Let’s take a look at the most popular freelancing job portals.

1. Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the most popular freelancing job portals. The big advantage of this portal is the number of jobs and secure payments, which prevents fraud. To be able to participate in the auction, you have to set up an account and fill in your information, also about your experience. It’s for sure one of the websites where you should have an account as a freelancer.

2. Fiverr

In Fiverr, you can find lots of small jobs like editing the photo or small code fixes. It’s a great place to build your portfolio. Here you also have to create your profile, and it’s worth remembering that the better you will describe and show your skills, the biggest chances you have to be selected for the job.

3. Upwork

In Upwork, you can find both contracts for a well known in the world companies and small freelancing jobs as well. Here you need to set up your profile as well, filling all information about your skills and experience.

4. Guru

Guru is another freelancing portal, having lots of different works categories where tech, creative, and other people may find lots of jobs to do. The budget here may be set fixed or hourly. Also, you can select only jobs with a verified payment method to be more sure cooperation will be safe. Also, you can filter by amount of quotes, so if you select the ones with less then 10, for example, you have a bigger chance to be selected for the job.

5. People Per Hour

People per Hour is the next big freelancer job portal, where you can take part in the auctions, but you can also post what you do and for what price and get noticed by a client directly. This gives you a big chance to get the order if you make your offer outstanding.

All type of jobs for tech people

Taking into consideration that some portals are great, but they offer jobs only for the specific types of professions, I’d like to add a few points to mention them.

1. Stackoverflow

As a developer, you probably already know Stackoverflow as a huge community where you can ask for help or discuss about programming, but there is also a job listing, where you can find a good remote job. It’s enough to select a Remote filter at the top of the listing, like in the image below.

Duomly - programming online courses

2. Github jobs

In this case, also you probably know Github, it’s a very popular place to create a repository and using it with git. But Github also has a job board where we can get a remote job. To see only home office offers, you have to type „Remote” in the location input, like in the screenshot below.

Duomly - programming online courses

All type of jobs for designers people

1. Dribble

Dribble is a portal to show your designs on the internet like Behance and to create a portfolio. As a designer, you probably know it very well. Dribble has a nice job listing with Remote friendly option. It’s enough to select the option in the filters sidebar on the right, like in the image below.

Duomly - programming online courses


There are hundreds of job portals where you can look for remote jobs. Besides, it’s a great idea to get in touch with recruiters on Linkedin as they sometimes look for employees with remote cooperation possibilities. Another idea is to join Facebook groups with remote job offers where you can apply immediately.

If you decide that you would like to try remote work, I hope you will find it useful to have a listing of places to look for this kind of job.

Have a nice day!

Duomly - programming online courses

Discussion (30)

bbarbour profile image
Brian Barbour

I find that remote jobs are infinitely more competitive than local jobs when it comes to landing interviews or even getting responses.

ellowrath profile image

I understand that though. When working remotely you're asking a company to take a lot more on faith, especially early in your employment with them.

adriengiboire profile image
Adrien Giboire • Edited on

Why should that be?

You can set up light process/habits to keep track of one's doing on a daily basis. Like a short sum up at the end of the day to keep track of what your fellow developers did and will do.

Been a few years working remotely, no one ever had problem with me and never had problem with anyone. Or if there was, it was detected fast.

Thread Thread
bbarbour profile image
Brian Barbour

I've worked remotely at a few jobs. I think if you can't be trusted or aren't getting your work done because of at home distractions, then it's super obvious.

Thread Thread
adriengiboire profile image
Adrien Giboire


clarity89 profile image
Alex K.

That's not the only reason. When you're applying for a remote job you're not competing only with the local talent, but quite often with the applicants from all over the world, which of course makes landing the job more challenging.

lcoenen profile image
Loïc Coenen • Edited on

And this totally makes sense. There is maybe 10 companies hiring in my area, but it's a small city, so there won't be thousands of developers to pick from. Make that global, and there will be 10000 companies to apply to, and that much people to compete against. It goes both ways - more people apply, but you have much more opportunities as well.

pareshjoshi profile image

couldn't agree more! The another challenge is not all "remote" jobs are 100% remote. Either they are remote within specific country/region or remote only few days a week.

dkamer profile image
David Kamer

I imagine that freelance experience would go a long way.

borisborisov profile image
Boris Borisov

Definitely consider 🚀 RemoteMore:

👉 👈

It is a marketplace for full-time/part-time remote jobs.
With over 300 remote companies hiring through it.

codenutt profile image
Jared • Edited on

I've applied to a few remote jobs but didn't make it past the code exam phase. Those exams are ridiculous. So far for me, it's easier to just find freelance work than waste my time studying for tests that don't test my actual ability.

pareshjoshi profile image

How do you find your first freelance work while someone has worked for full-time through his career? Any tips?

codenutt profile image

I've gotten all my work one of two ways:

  1. Word of mouth.
  2. A freelance agency (in my case Creative Circle here in LA).

How to get freelance gigs is a huge topic not really suited for a comment but I'll try.

Getting your first legit gig is probably the hardest. For me, one of my teachers saw a work ethic in me and trusted me with a gig. Did i get paid well for that? No not really but the work kept coming after that because i followed these two rules:

  1. Be a good person. Having a positive attitude makes for a great experience for both you and the client. Also, be mindful that the client doesn't know what you know. Their ideas may seem silly to you, the expert, but its your job to educate them...nicely.
  2. Do good work. Simple. Every job is a portfolio piece.

I dunno if that helps, but its how ive survived in one of the most expensive cities in the country :)

Good luck to you! Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

remotlify profile image
Remotlify 🚀
We’ve created a place where you can find fully remote job offers dedicated for IT 🌴💻
These days remote work possibility is super important.
We want to unleash human potential by connecting great companies with tech talents.
No matter how far away from each other.

fgeurson profile image
Daniel M. Wolken

Remote work is the future, you don't have to be stuck in traffic, get time to spend with your family, don't have to shift to a new city, save money and maybe travel and work from anywhere. We, at DailyRemote, are a remote job board and have new jobs posted in various fields such as marketing, sales, etc.

duomly profile image
Duomly Author

True, remote work is surely future, can save a lot of time and increase performance, especially in IT.

mszul profile image
M.Szul • Edited on

At Remote IT jobs we think that remote work is the future. Many companies offer a lot of remote jobs, especially in IT. Remote work means: more time for yourself and family, lower traffic, you can work wherever you want :)

skozeniuk profile image

Thanks, this is a great list!
I would like to add a little that you should always broaden your horizons and look for more, if necessary. Almost every country or city has its own website.
For the Singapore example, I found such a list

Also, there are many more marketplaces, for example, Engre for b2b.

But thank you!

didin1453fatih profile image
Didin 👨‍💻 • Edited on

I think you can try to use to create Entity Relationship Diagram.
This can help you to collaborate with your team on web and cut off your step in generate SQL Create database.

Alt Text

mp3cape profile image
Ekijazzy jax

Google recently introduced a new feature that can help find remote jobs. Typically, when you google for "home jobs" or "remote jobs", the results generate several job postings. It now up to you to select the legit ones based on your given discretion.
You can also find remote jobs on too although they mostly specialize in local job posting.

brandonbawe profile image
Brandon Bawe

Thanks for this write-up.

pareshjoshi profile image

Search for "Remote" keyword, it also explains their interview process.

GitHub logo poteto / hiring-without-whiteboards

⭐️ Companies that don't have a broken hiring process

Hiring Without Whiteboards

A list of companies (or teams) that don't do "whiteboard" interviews. "Whiteboards" is used as a metaphor, and is a symbol for the kinds of CS trivia questions that are associated with bad interview practices. Whiteboards are not bad – CS trivia questions are. Using sites like HackerRank/LeetCode probably fall into a similar category.

The companies and teams listed here use interview techniques and questions that resemble day-to-day work. For example, pairing on a real world problem or a paid/unpaid take home exercise. Read (and contribute to) our recommendations for ways to conduct better interviews.


  • Discussing a real world problem (with or without whiteboard) is 👍
  • Solving CS trivia, technical puzzles, riddles, brainteasers (with or without whiteboard) is 👎

Please open a PR to be added.


If you've been through an interview with one of these companies recently, and your experience suggests otherwise from their…

douglasfugazi profile image
Douglas Fugazi

I also recommend
I've been contacted for a recluiter from dice some months ago.

keleshii profile image


iamndeleva profile image

What about scholarship?

borisborisov profile image
Boris Borisov

Definitely consider 🚀 RemoteMore:

👉 👈

It is a marketplace for full-time/part-time remote jobs.
With over 300 remote companies hiring through it.

onlyremotejobs profile image
Only Remote Jobs

You can also find remote jobs at


up2staff profile image

Nice article! We are running a remote jobs board here: There are new postings every day from many different areas. Please kindly consider adding it to your list. Many thanks!

remoteworkjar profile image
RemoteWorkJar Official

We are also working on a remote job, where our main focus is to manually screen every job to ensure the quality.

You can check out here.