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Planning Poker in times of Corona Virus

In our team, we always made estimates with poker cards.
Recently, due to the social distancing measures against Covid19, we are all working remotely.
When the time for our first online estimates meeting we were wondering how to do that:

Should we just discuss the tickets in the livechat on Hangout or Zoom and give up the "secrecy" of the covered card estimate?
Should we write all at once the value in the slack channel?

Should we download one of the many planning poker apps on our smartphone and do that with that? How? Displaying the screen in the chat?
Well, we could add polls in the slack channel! Well, that's close, but way too much manual work, there must be an app for it.

And of course there is: Slack Poker Planner

Just a matter of having it installed in our company workspace and we were able to quickly write the name/ticket description and everyone in the channel automatically was receiving a poll with the t-shirt sizes.
As soon as everyone voted, the result is displayed to all.

So here we have, Coronavirus-safe Poker Planning!

That's a very handy solution, which is actually even faster than a real meeting with real cards, even though, the gambling spirit is a bit lost...


Our next step is having the estimate updated directly inside our Jira ticket. I know that even before we had to manually update the ticket during the meeting and we could do the same now... but I guess there is some app to achieve that. ( for now I quickly googled this ) but did not have the time to check it out. Does anyone have some tips?

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Davide de Paolis Author

ehm... i wrote planning-poker not playing. :-)