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Don't Give Up

We tend to forget why we started

We then create our own route misleading to somewhere we didn’t expect . Frustrating ourselves, even up to the point blaming ourselves, calling our hardworking selves STUPID.


Not saying its bad to change plans when necessary

But sometimes we forget why we started and cut short to a inch away of achieving our goal.

As a I wise teacher once told me “ a person who doesn't plan, plans to fail”.

As a practitioner of Martial Arts, there are days where it seems I haven’t gain any improvement, which can be frustrating sometimes, I mean all the times.

But little did I know that improvements can be any size or any shape.

That's why we have test or we like to call sparring so we can look back on the things we learned and and see where we are.

We are hard working people especially you yourself. No one will ever know how hard you work,but only yourself. So you need to congratulate yourself, by going on a food trip, play some video games, simply TAKE A BREAK!

break time

Appreciate every small victory you conquered.

It don't matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning's winning - Dominic Toretto

f&f race

Tip #1:

try Bullet Journal and list down the achievements you accomplished, so that one day if you think you haven't made any progress you can just flip to that page and see how far you went.

Tip #2:

keep your goal written, visibly close to you everyday.


When you feel like giving up remember why you started. And remember you may not be there but you were closer than yesterday.

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Can't agree with this enough. I had to take a mental day yesterday because I was working myself too hard on my own project. I felt like I had blinders on and I couldn't see the solution to my problems. Came back today to revisit the problem and it was so much clearer.

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Dylan Balagtas

Im glad to hear that, sometiems all we need is a little rest hehe