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Start Using JavaScript to Automate Excel

The Problems with VBA

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) was created in the 90's and has practically never changed since. Aside from its absolutely out of date development environment and unique syntax, VBA also poses a huge threat to corporations as a highly effective tool for malware due to its ability to access core operating system processes.

Yes, VBA has its strengths and I personally know people who have made millions of dollars because of quality VBA code. However, there is a faster, safer, and frankly more enjoyable way to automate excel: say hello to the JavaScript Automation Development Environment (JADE) Excel add-in.

What is JADE?

JADE gives you the power to use JavaScript to automate everything within the workbook scope of Excel without making it macro enabled.

Because the JavaScript you write is living in a browser, it does not have access to any operating system features on the host computer. This means that all of your automation code is limited to your workbook, making it extremely safe to share.

JADE offers an environment that allows the developer to write JavaScript directly in the workbook, and it can even pull in code modules from the cloud using GitHub Gists.

You can start using JADE for free by getting it from the Microsoft add-in app store.

Full JADE Tutorial:
JADE Support page:
Excel JavaScript API Overview:

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