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Community GitHub Action that welcomes and logs stats from the community

My Workflow

gh-action-community is being used on all our community repositories to welcome and log statistics from the community so that we can give out digital badges. It is being used on our support repo as well as other repos in our community GitHub organisation

Everything is configurable from the reply messages to Issues and Pull Requests, to which events to log for gamification.

Submission Category:

I think this belongs in the Maintainer Must-Haves category, to be inclusive and gamify community contributions.

Yaml File or Link to Code

GitHub logo EddieJaoudeCommunity / gh-action-community

GitHub Action for the Community, from welcoming first timers to badges

GitHub Action Community

GitHub Action for the Community - from welcoming first timers to logging your activity for badges!

GitHub Action Features 💡

These GitHub Actions will:

  • reply to all new Issues and Pull Requests
  • log statistics of user activity to Firestore DB (Firebase)


You can use 1 or all of these GitHub Actions.

Welcoming message

This GitHub Action will reply to all new Issues and Pull Requests with a custom message

Example usage (you can change the replies for issue-message and pr-message)

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: actions/checkout@v1
      - uses: EddieJaoudeCommunity/gh-action-community/src/welcome@main
          github-token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
          issue-message: '<h1>It''s great having you contribute to this project</h1> Feel free to raise an <strong>Issue</strong>! Welcome to the community 🤓'
          pr-message: '<h1>It''s great having you contribute to this project</h1> Feel free to create a

Additional Resources / Info

GitHub logo EddieJaoudeCommunity / support

Community Help & Support and AEA (Ask Everyone Anything)

Community Support

All Contributors Discord

Raise an issue to join the EddieJaoudeCommunity GitHub community.

Some vague idea of how we could turn this into a support channel.

Imagine the scenario where you are helping a stranger (or a new friend), a friend or a colleague on Discord/MS Teams/Slack/YouTube/whatever, they may have found an old article from 5 years ago+ about Docker that is not supported, a Node.js article that isn't supported in Node v14 and that sort of thing...

You volunteer to help that person, you pair on it, it's fixed and they're super happy.

The unfortunate thing about this is it then lacks a write up on what was used, what articles were used etc (which would be reference articles) - we could simply use a GitHub issue queue for this - so folks could Google for somebody with the same problem!

Unfortunately, StackOverflow has a bit of a broken reputation system…

Discussion (3)

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Jérémie Astor

That's pretty nice!
Could you make a post about implementing gamification with this? I'd love to read that!

eddiejaoude profile image
Eddie Jaoude Author

I have more blog posts coming out soon to go along with my YouTube videos

eddiejaoude profile image
Eddie Jaoude Author

Good idea! Thank you :)