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Daily OpenSource'ness

I strongly believe it is better for YOU and YOUR career, as well as the community...and of course the world. If you spend a little time every day contributing to Open Source - I do mean only a little. It is surprising how much a little every day, will amount to a lot over 1 month - imagine 6 months...1 see where I am going with this!!

What is a contribution?

A contribution can be practically anything, YES anything! It is not just about source code and pull requests (aka PRs).

Here are some examples in addition to source code changes and PRs...

  • Raising an issue for an idea or defect
  • Documentation - we all know this is always lacking, so if you spot something missing, incomplete or incorrect, contribute it back and help the next person
  • Confirming someone else's idea or defect, adding any additional value
  • ... and so much more ...

New to Open Source?

If you want to join a community to help you get started in Open Source, please come and pair with me on Open Source Live on Twitch and join our discord for #TwitchCoders to continue our discussions between live streams.

If you want to practice your Git and GitHub, my Open Source project DashboardHub welcomes all and any contributions. Even if just for practice. Raise a test issue for fun, we won't mind. Head over there now and start contributing to Open Source today

What are your thoughts?

  • Do you use Open Source (I think most people do even if they don't realise it)
  • Do you contribute to Open Source already
  • Do you want to contribute to Open Source

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below...

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