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Eduardo Ribeiro
Eduardo Ribeiro

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Where should I learn system design & architecture?


I've been wanting, for some time, to get better at and increase my knowledge in the field of system design and software architecture, covering topics like microservices, design patterns, etc.

What are some good resources that I can learn from? It can be online courses, books, blogs, YouTube channels...

Thank you! :)

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Maureen T'O

I've found's Database Systems Youtube list by CornellU's Dr. Trummer really good so far (links below). Not sure if this is entirely relevant but could help with database design 😅

Gaurav Sen on YouTube has a complete playlist on Design Systems, too.

Or, if you'd like a truly complete course on Design Patterns, codewithmosh has a great Design Patterns series

I found this gist on GitHub that might help, too:

Database Systems by CornellU Dr. Trummer:

I hope this helps at all and good luck!

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Eduardo Ribeiro

These look like some great resources, thank you for sharing!

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João Castelo

Probably I would suggest to start with this Martin's Fowler article
Martin has a some books and lots of talks about this subject that may be interesting to you.
You can also check the Microservices patterns that goes through monolith vs microservice architecture, refactoring and decomposition and more.
Also, if you're interested in some real life experiences, Netflix has been very open about open source and microservice adoption. There are a lot of talks on YouTube and blog posts about some of the challenges and changes they faced. For example, this one Adopting Microservices at Netflix: Lessons for Architectural Design

Those should help you get started, but there are thousands of talks, books and articles to discover 😁

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Eduardo Ribeiro

Thank you for sharing! The Netflix articles seem very interesting!