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A Fresh Serving of JavaScript ES2019

The original post is up on my digital garden (the image quality is a bit dodgy here on

A new version of JavaScript has landed!

Every year JavaScript gets a handful of new features and functions for everyone to play with.

The TC39 committee have released the 2019 additions to ECMAScript, which is the generally accepted version of JavaScript we all know and love tolerate.

You can take a look at the TC39 Github to track the progress of proposed features, including all the ones they've accepted into the official language.

Mike Sherov just put together a new egghead course on Javascript ES2019 in Practice which is a good summary of all the new shiny bits, as well as how they apply in IRL dev situations.

I took sketchnotes while watching his course, and have a quick illustrated summary of the 7 big changes:

  • Optional Catch Binding
  • Stable array.sort()
  • Flatten Arrays with flat()
  • Flatten & Map Arrays with flatMap()
  • Cut out Whitespace with trimStart() & trimEnd()
  • Descriptions on Symbols
  • Create Objects from Entries with fromEntries()

(Note that the space theme going on here has less to do with ES2019 and more to do with me watching Apollo 11 last week. Five stars, would recommend)

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Nick Taylor

I love all your tech illustrations Maggie. 🎨 Keep up the awesome work!

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Daniel Hillmann

I came here to say that. They are so great!
Thanks for the post.

maggieappleton profile image
Maggie Appleton

Thanks! Glad it was helpful 👍

avalander profile image

Great post, I love the format!

savagepixie profile image

I'll have to read it more carefully on my laptop (text is a bit small on phone), but I love the clear and concise presentation!

maggieappleton profile image
Maggie Appleton

Ah I know, kind of sucks it’s hard to adjust images to be easily readable on phones 😔
These end up being desktop-optimised.