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8 Resources to learn Web Development from.

The following are resources that will help you locate where to learn web development from as a complete beginner. These resources can all be accessed for free. They are in no particular order.

#1: Udemy Courses

Udemy is a great tool to learn web development. They offer both paid and free courses from highly skilled instructors and web developers like Brad Traversy, Mosh Hamedani, Colt Steele, TheNetNinja, Stephen Grider etc.
With over 7245 courses on web development that will take you from beginner's level to advanced level.

#2: W3Schools

W3Schools is a tutorial site that teaches web development in a very simple approach. 80% of what is being taught at w3schools are basics, if not more and most tasks and projects you will encounter in your web dev journey will most times require the basics.
The great thing about w3schools is that you practice as you learn by trying out each code on the site as well as practice with exercises per every chapter. Cool right!

#3: Codecademy

Talk about projects, logical exercises, great courses, great tool for tracking progress then you should talk about codecademy. I wonder how they do it! but they still do it. You wanna track your progress, build projects over and over again all with free access then you should visit codecademy.
Codecademy offers free coding classes as well as paid. I totally recommend it.

#4: MDN Web Docs

MDN is like the root of web documentations and courses. Most instructors will often refer you to MDN because with it you can always further your study on a particular topic.
MDN offers explanations to each topics in web development as well as examples and browser support. Some times you even get to try an example out yourself on the website. It's free.

#5: FreeCodeCamp

"freeCodeCamp is a non-profit organization that consists of an interactive learning web platform, an online community forum, chat rooms, online publications and local organizations that intend to make learning web development accessible to anyone."

freeCodeCamp is also a major dealer in projects assigning. With over 5000+ tutorials on web development all for free.

#6: YouTube Videos

YouTube videos from channels like Traversy Media, TheNetNinja, Dev Ed, Design Course, freeCodeCamp etc will help you with more coding knowledge and tactics.
I always would not recommend starting off with YouTube videos as a complete beginner. It's not recommended.

#7: Khanacedemy

Khanacedemy is a great tool that teaches you web development. The classes are well structured and you can always try out examples. Apart from written form they also offer videos that illustrates how examples were done.

#8: Coursera

The coming together of different courses offered by instructors from prestigious universities is coursera. That's not actually the way they put it, but that's how i see it and that's awesome! You could actually learn from instructors who lecture at universities like the University of Washington, University of London etc.


You made it here! Thank you. Now what you need is not all of it, you may only need one to focus on. I will release a blog post on my approach of learning web development soon. But for now, don't end up paying for ten web development courses for beginners at a time and expect it to be different.
That is why i would recommend you make use of a roadmap before using any of these resources.
Thank you for reading!

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Jameel Tomlinson is also an awesome open source site that takes you from zero to intermediate developer in no time

elijahtrillionz profile image
Elijah Trillionz

Never heard of it, I will check it out. Thanks for recommending

bigmeel profile image
Jameel Tomlinson

No problem! guarantee you will appreciate it. Got me my job as a RoR back end developer before i even finished it

toddhgardner profile image
Todd H. Gardner is amazing.

clifton893 profile image
Clifton Long Jr.

freeCodeCamp was my personal starting point, and it'll always be dear to me for that. πŸ˜„

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Allan Kibet