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Iconify the app icon creator for multiplatform

emilymmm6 profile image emilymmm ・1 min read

Hello guys, i made this app developing tool Iconify ( with html, javascript and css. It solves some trouble when you are creating icons for your app.
Iconify is a handy and powerful application providing icons creating support for multiplatform(iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native, Cordova, Web APP, macOS, iWatch, Windows Phone, Quasar). It allows app developers to create a whole set of icons in various sizes with just one click, extremely time-saving and convenient.
Is it useful? I am working on the apps, i can really use some advice. Thanks

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Felix Swinkels

Looks great! Will definitely bookmark this for future use.

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emilymmm Author

Thank you so much for your support.