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Transitioning from Java to Python Professionally

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I'm planning to making the transition from coding professionally in Java to Python. I've only worked on side projects with python (which I really enjoy) but don't have any professional experience in the language. I will be going on interviews as early as this week, any advice on how to make prepare?

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Good question!

I think importantly, you should be confident in your ability to learn quickly and express that confidence. Also, express excitement about the features of Python that are simpler than Java, but be thankful that your background in Java will give you a great starting point.

Basically I think the interview process is really about how you position yourself, and if you tell the right story, you'll do well.

Otherwise, I'd spend some time messing around with Python in a REPL environment. This is where the magic happens in Python.


Well said. My passion for Python (and to learn) should definitely be my main selling point. Thanks!


Whenever we are into a task, we should be positive, goal maker, and tackle your ideas and a strong knowledge about python might help you. I would like to suggest you one more thing, prepare for the worst will definitely reflect in a better result


It depends on your future employer. My experience is, that showing the ability to learn and your social skills (or better: understanding business) are more important than your experience with the language. It is from my perspective easier to get people on track with the language if they are able to pair, than having a professional programmer who knows the language, but doesn't understand what business requirements are and when what solution is a fit and when and how to make appropriate tradeoffs.

I made the switch from .Net to Java, to Javascript, to Python and a bit of Go. People don't bring me mainlyinto projects because I have previous knowledge - which sometimes is also the case ;) - but because they know I am a good building block to work with.

Currently I am doing GIS which upon recently I had no clue about. But I am learning while doing the software.


That’s awesome! Yea that’s how I look at it. I know I will be able to pick up the language pretty seamlessly given an appropriate amount of time just need the employer to take that chance because I feel like some will be hesitant due to my lack of industry experience with the language. But again like you said if I can show the intangibles then they should be more likely to give an offer. Thanks man! Great advice.


Express your passion for Python and show'em really why you want to become Python Guru.
Be confident.
Read/Learn/Code/Help Others.
Have a short and long term goals planned.
Come back and update us on progress in few weeks.

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