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Free React Landing Page Templates for SaaS Developers

When software is your product, you absolutely NEED to have a great website in order to establish a solid online presence. To help you with that, we at Startup Landing have brought you not one, but two incredible free react landing page templates for SaaS developers!

Visually, our SaaS Modern and SaaS Classic free landing page templates are both simplistic yet pack all the necessary features that you would want in a landing page. In terms of features, both are React based and also utilize Next JS and Gatsby JS. This makes these free landing page templates amazingly fast, SEO friendly right off the bat and not to mention secure.

On top of all that, these free react landing page templates all come integrated with MailChimp, which makes communicating with your contacts that much easier!

So just get your free react landing page template from us so you can focus your time and energy on developing a kick ass software!

👉 Check it live here:
👉 Check it on Github:
👉 Check it on Producthunt:

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Mário Monteiro

awesome work, high quality gatsby starters!