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Klaus for Endtest

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Can you believe I made a test that can play Chess?

I have been experimenting a lot with the Endtest platform lately, since I'm helping them out with my testing expertise.

Trying to find extreme scenarios that cannot be automated, I ended up trying to automate some tests for a Chess game.

Needless to say, it went pretty well.

As you can see, my test played a decent game.

The assertions are checking if my movements were registered correctly.

What made it easy is the fact that all the pieces and squares are actual HTML elements.

If I was dealing with a HTML5 Canvas element, I would have needed to use the Click with Offset action.

I talked to them and sent them the video, ended up being posted on their YouTube channel.

Can you think of any site or scenario that is impossible to automate?

Would love to get some fresh ideas.

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Battle Of Chess

Kudos, Klaus! I myself tried playing on & I won 5 games straight!!

Funny enough, I am not a developer but here is what I build - Play Chess Against Computer

Have a look & do share your feedback.

mr_giveaways_ profile image
MR Giveaways

Same i am a developer and i biult this
please checkout as well.

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Taylor Sinha

Hey! You did great.
Look, I'm learning JavaScript and I made this Chess Move Calculator with JavaScript. Have a visit and please suggest, how can I make it better.

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Mark Rigby

I created this Next Chess Move Calculator