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the feeds I read

[cross-posted from my web site.]

My colleague Eric asked me how I keep up on development trends, so I
made this list of the main RSS feeds I follow (with Feedly/gReader).


  • Vue.js News, because I'm just really into Vue. Also available as a podcast. Friends, I read it and I listen to it. That's how into Vue I am.
  • JavaScript Weekly is a big (but not too big) list of links every week: articles, announcements, tools, tutorials, and job ads.
  • The Changelog covers open source generally. I don't read as many links from here, but it helps me keep tabs on what the wider developer community is talking about. This is the reason I know I should probably know what Kubernetes is.
  • I wasn't subscribed to CSS Tricks until I made this list, but I seemed to wind up reading a lot of articles from there anyway, so now I am.
  • Also I just found Web Platform News and it looks useful.


  • A List Apart is more design-focused than my other reads, and it goes both deep and wide – like this is where I read last week about how to support users with vestibular disorders.
  • Sandi Metz hasn't published a blog post in over a year, but I'm still subscribed because I know when she does it'll be worth reading and then thinking about until the next one.
  • Avdi Grimm, like Sandi, is just a smart person who thinks a lot about how to write better software, or write software better. And then, lucky for us, he shares his thoughts.

Also I'm here, of course, and I follow a bunch of people on Twitter, but that's for another day. What do you read?

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brianmcoates profile image

FrontEnd Focus is another really good one too!

eostrom profile image
Erik Ostrom

Oh, nice – from the creator(s) of JS Weekly, but less JS and more the other stuff. This might actually be more up my current alley. ... or do I need both?

brianmcoates profile image

I currently subscribe to both they have different content which is nice.

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