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Salvador García
Salvador García

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Vue Tip // v-model on custom component input type="file"

Hi everyone. Let's get to the point. A few days ago I needed to use v-model in a component of my own that I needed to capture a file in an input of type file. After trying a bit, the solution was the following:


  <input type="file" @change="onChangeFile" name="file" />


  methods: {
    onChangeFile(event) {

//Your component made in Vue 3
<MyInputFileComponent v-model="file" />
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This is the easiest way to use it. If you need to capture many files you just have to go through the list of files found in the

I share this information in case there is anyone out there looking for a solution for this scenario. Happy dev.

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furkanulutasx profile image

Why did you "file" the v-model name?

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Salvador García

It is just an example name. It could be: "userFile", "userPhoto", "salesRecord", etc...