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Eric The Coder
Eric The Coder

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Please don't try Svelte.js first!

Lately I started learning React.js I knew the base of Vue.js and I wanted for fun to discover another framework.

My experience with React has not been the most positive. Being used to Vue concepts, I find React more difficult to master. It's personal but it's not the greatest love.

Speaking of love, about two weeks ago I read an article here on :-) about Svelte. I had already heard of Svelte but it was a little while ago and I didn't know much.

Between two React training sessions, I decided to take a look at Svelte ... Just to see ...

I did the basic tutorial. Which by the way is excellent ( and I immediately fell in love with it.

It's amazing how easy and enjoyable it is to work with Svelte. And to understand it well I recommend doing a little Vue and React before. By comparing these frameworks you can quickly appreciate the advantages of Svelte. No kidding, I strongly recommend not to start in Svelte, it will spoil the surprise.

Thanks to the community for enlightening me on the subject.

If there are Svelte fans please leave me a comment and we can start sharing our littles Svelte story.

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jfbrennan profile image
Jordan Brennan • Edited on

Svelte, Vue, and Riot are great! You gotta try Riot.js if you haven't! So clean:

  <button onclick="{add}">Add</button>
    <li each="{ item in items }">{item}</li>

    export default {
      items: [1, 2, 3],
      add(e) {
        const next = this.items[this.items.length - 1] + 1;
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And you'd use that component like this:

<h1>Trying Riot</h1>
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khaki32 profile image

Never tried Riot, but from this code the only thing I immediately dislike is the use of kebab-case instead of PascalCsae for components. Otherwise looks fine, I like that it's more explicit compared to Svelte.

ericchapman profile image
Eric The Coder

This morning I got up and made the decision that I will probably go and develop my next web app im Svelte. I will continue my learning path and if all goes well I will try Svelte in a real project very soon!

gevera profile image
Denis Donici

Svelte is awesome. Can't wait for Svelte v4, it will be even better!

jwp profile image
John Peters

Yes it's a keeper.

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