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Get out of tutorial hell

explorerforlife profile image Aditya Agrawal Updated on ・3 min read


I'm sure all of you have read a post on this topic at least once in your developer journey but it just doesn't happen because coding is not that easy as people say. Here, I will be talking about eight points which will help you to get out of hell.

Don't code with tutorial

The problem with coding along with the tutorial is that you don't develop the muscle memory and thinking in programming. My mentor Tanay Pratap says learn programming before learning to code, learn how to think while coding.
Take notes while watching/reading the tutorial and code later. Don't take help from the program until you're stuck for a long time.

Make habit of reading documentation

Documentation is the best resource to find the solution because it's like a book where you'll find every aspect of the technology you're working on. It's boring and hard to read the documentation but good habits don't come easily. You have to scratch your head and get your hands dirty. Period.

Surround yourself with people smarter than you

There is a saying that you're an average of 4-5 people you surround yourself with. Your social environment matters more than you think, so it's better to surround yourself with people smarter than you. Join a smart community, it will add great value to your thinking process and you'll get to know insights into the field you want to work in.

Read books

Nothing can ever replace the beauty of a great book. In this time of videos/tutorials, books are often left behind and their knowledge is not utilized. The habit of reading books is powerful as they talk to you slowly and deep dive into the concept, tutorials don't cover this idea.

Stick to one tech stack

I see a lot of newbies hopping into different technologies every month, this practice is neither good nor fruitful. It will constantly give the feeling of being overwhelmed by the different technologies available. Pick one tech stack which has remained popular for some years and will land you a job in the market. Don't go with the hype, do your research first.

Start small and easy

Don't go to make a complex app straight away, you will forget how it works after a few months. Start small and build on your own, this will boost your confidence in the initial months of your journey. Progress slowly. Prepare yourself for the marathon, not for the sprint.

Picking projects and art of googling

As you start to build medium to large apps, it becomes necessary to pick different kinds of projects that will make your resume stand out among your peers.
Problems will arise when you step out of your comfort zone, hence you spend a lot of time googling your problems. Learning the art of googling your problem is an important skill. Read more about it, you know where :p.

Beauty is in the attempt

Yes, beauty is in the attempt.
Don't think too much before starting a project, don't feel overwhelmed, don't think that you can't do it, don't think that you're incapable.
If you don't attempt, you will never know. So go for it and step out of your comfort zone because that's where you will find good things waiting for you.

I went through all of these problems when I started because it is easy to get lost when you don't know how to learn. Follow these habits because as renowned author James Clear says - When talent is lacking, habits will often suffice.
That's all from my side, happy coding!

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Amaan Shaikh

Thanks for sharing this, will definitely implement.

P.S. We both have the same mentor :)

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