Inspired by my previous dev.to posts, I launched something.

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So, some of my previous posts I wrote Like were getting a lot of traction.



I realised a lot of people needed these tools and communities & podcasts, especially beginners.

So I decided to finally curate all of my bookmarks and eventually made a website out of it & launching it today.

Here it is https://www.producthunt.com/posts/appydev

Appydev is a collection of tools, podcasts & communities hand curated for people who live on the internet.

This site is made with

Tailwind CSS
Nuxt Content module

The only place I have spent money is on the domain(sale on namecheap so it was just for $4), everything else was free.

Let me know what you think.

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Hi, Really nice. Just curious, how about the backend and hosting and what services you are using for them?


Well, there's backend involved here. I made use of content.nuxtjs.org/ a git based CMS where everything is converted as a statid json file at the end and that will work as your backend.


ok. Cool! Nice idea!


This is brilliant!! It's a piece of art!


Thanks, I hope you find them useful


Looks Awesome! Congrats!

Didnt know about Nuxt Content Module. It looks really cool!


Awesome project and lean stack match-up!