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Writing from the hospital and bored, suggest me something to do

It's been 4 days since I had touched my computer and honestly, I have never been this bored in my entire life. This is not what I meant when I said I needed a break.

I got hospitalised recently and haven't left the room in 3 days. Hospitals suck, the food sucks, it's depressing and gets quite spooky at nights.

People call me a workaholic and I might be. I am not sure what I am even supposed to do sitting idle for this long.

My friends suggested me to chill and watch Netflix, I tried but it gets boring at some point. I am sure I am going to reach the end of my Twitter feed sometime today 😅.

So, #devcommunity please suggest something you'd do to utilise this time. I like writing, but I cannot write a lot due to the drip.

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Raphael Jambalos • Edited

Read Science Fiction! My favorites are Dune by Frank Herbert and Foundation by Isaac Asimov.

Hope you get well soon!

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Fayaz Ahmed

Dune is one my fav books, read it years ago.

Will try the Isaac Asimov one

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Maureen T'O • Edited

Are you a podcast listener? I recommend DEVDiscuss,'s own community podcast. They talk about lots of great stuff! Or the Enjoy the Vue podcast is a cool one too 😄

Get well soon!

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Akhil Gupta

Hey can you take my architecture review request. What I am planning to build and learn as well on the side.

So I do not know springboot but want to learn. So I am planning to build a simple GET reddit r/memes into AWS S3 and POST them on Instagram. I wanna deploy on EC3 buckets. I want to build other services as well. For example commenting on top comments. If instagram blocks a post, remove it but that is for futute. But do you think, this is a good architecture.

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Rushan S J

Hey, try gaming. Try fortnite for example.

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Fayaz Ahmed

Thanks, checking it out

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt • Edited

Meditation and writing. Another thought is taking timeliness to the extreme.

Another thing I hope I do more, is reading.