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How important is privacy to you in choosing a cloud provider?

feministclickback profile image tina ・1 min read

Hi community! How do you choose your cloud provider? Is security and privacy an issue, and if so, are you more concerned with outside parties accessing your work, and/or privacy breaches at big cloud providers like Google Cloud?

I'm interested in your take as ...

  • a freelancer
  • or as part of the company where you work

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manish srivastava

As per general terms and condition they can refer your identity to officials.

No cloud owner takes responsibility of your server / containers. You have to harden it after provisioning.

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tina Author

True! Though I was thinking of a situation where you buy that service from a cloud provider, and they might / might not provide that security for you, e.g. by end-to-end-encryption.

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tina Author

Yeah I also learned that you really can't be dogmatic about this, especially when working with clients :D are you a freelancer then?