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What do you use to handle side effects in React-redux

finallynero profile image Nero Adaware ・1 min read

I am about to start a project where I will be using react and redux, In previous applications I have built I used redux-saga to handle side effects like api calls e.t.c but the fact that redux-saga has so much boilerplate code I didn't really enjoy using it. I have used redux-thunk but not in production.

Please what other libraries do you use to handle side effects and why did you choose them over the available alternatives?


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irreverentmike profile image
Mike Bifulco

I've always used redux-thunk for side effects. I haven't had any problems in production.

stereobooster profile image

redux-loop - you can collocate side effects with the reducer logic

ashishsantikari profile image
Ashish Santikari

Might want to look at redux-observable. It's pretty amazing and simple to use.
I cannot compare with other libs as I am relatively new to redux ecosystem.

inizio profile image

One thing I have been thinking... Is a side effect really directly related to a store?