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10 of the most useful websites on the internet that you’ve likely never heard

Record meetings for free with our Zoom app or Google Meet Chrome Extension. Capture calls in high quality video and sound, then access them immediately afterwards in your meetings library. Our meeting recorder makes it easier than ever to share call moments.

• Access the recording immediately after the call
• Timestamp key moments during meetings
• Transcribe in 20+ languages
• Clip parts of calls for sharing

Find any doc, create new ones, and follow your teammates' projects—all from your new tab.
Don’t ever hunt for that link again. Quickly access your work when you need it.
Find anything you’ve worked on recently in a few keystrokes.

Turn off the firehose of news feeds with one daily email from Mailbrew (that includes all your news feeds in one place).
Your favorite sources.
Your favorite newsletters.
Saved links. All in one place.

Finding Google Analytics too complicated or looking for a lightweight alternative?Plausible is your answer.

• Simple to use
• Lightweight and open source
• No cookies and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR

Capture and share Twitter or LinkedIn posts as beautiful images.

(1) Drop the link in
(2) Change the colour or background
(3) Re-size and toggle on/off the responses
(4) Download and share wherever you

An extension that generates beautiful step-by-step guides with screenshots, while you work.Catch up on your documentation, cut down on meetings and interruptions, and save hours every week.

• Save hours of screenshots and writing instructions
• Answer questions quickly—no more repetitive training sessions

Built around the two principles that sleep researchers agree affect how we feel and perform: sleep debt and circadian rhythm.
RISE tracks how much sleep you owe your body & predicts your daily energy schedule.
Real performance, real wellbeing.

Use TinyPNG to shrink images for your apps and sites—without sacrificing image quality.
Tiny PNG’s will use less bandwidth and help

Bardeen saves you time by automating repetitive tasks with a shortcut.

• Hundreds of pre-built automations for all your favorite web apps
• Scrape data from any web page with one-click
• Run manual tasks automatically

Bring in tasks from all your tools into one place, and onto your calendar.It helps you keep track of everything and make sure the most important things get

• Pull in tasks from Trello, Gmail, Asana, and more
• Track your tasks & calendar in one place
• Prioritize your work day by day
• Guided daily planning
• Realistic daily goals
• Unified daily view
• Timeboxing

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