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Frank Puffer
Frank Puffer

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What makes you post on

As for me, it is mostly because I am interested in feedback from outside the bubble of people I work with every day. (I have to admit that, if the topic is appropriate, I still prefer Stack Overflow and some other Stack Exchange communities because I can reach more people there. On the other hand, most interesting questions are off-topic there.)

How about you? Especially those of you who put lots of work into uploading elaborate tutorials and essays.

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1) Comments that people actually use (I have a Disqus on my blog, but no one uses it)
2) Related: validation of feeling like maybe there's a glimmer of a chance that someone read something I wrote
3) Community - getting to see who else is writing what w/o having to read a bazillion blogs (although that'd be the same if I just lurked & commented)
4) SEO -- it seems to help to cross-post here.

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David S. • Edited

I'd rather post here and accept the limited topics here than deal with the trogdolytes on facebook who spend most of their time freaking out about politics or other forms of unnecessary, unproductive drama.

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I think how is designed for anyone to post, it makes me feel welcomed and that what I say has value. There seems to be genuine interactions between people in the comments, and it feels closer than just reading a blog for some reason. I've gotten great comments, and even really helpful ones too, so I feel like I should continue talking about my journey on here.

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I want to help people learn. I think the best way to solidify understanding is to be able to explain it to others and I think it's important to give people approachable and accessible ways to learn concepts. The more ways we have to learn the same concept the more likely it is that any given person will find a teaching tool that resonates with them.

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Pavan Belagatti

This community is more alive than others. The people here are passionate about what they do and what they share. I have always received good feedback and suggestions from this community. This is not to impress but writing from my heart. Thanks

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  1. Nice and positive community
  2. Such a nice UI/UX :)
  3. Clean & well-structured content.
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Max Antonucci

Tax purposes.