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What Does AI Mean For Coders/Programmers?

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AI and it’s possibilities of turning the life that we know it into a living Matrix seems very possible considering all the new advancements of it which includes AI powered robots doing mining and mineral jobs which would be dangerous for humans,

personal assistants like iRobot doing our everyday tasks, and creating code.

AI being used for mining and mineral job work wouldn’t be too bad because it saves life,

I’m personally not a fan of the personal assistant robot because I feel like it’s going to make me depend on it too much,

but the one things I hope(possibly in vain) AI won’t improve in is the creation of more complex computer code.

For now, simple programs can be created by description.

An AI system called DeepCoder, created by researchers at Microsoft and the University of Cambridge, was built to be able to put together pieces of lines of code from already created software into a new program which is called program synthesis.

This ability of taking pieces of lines of code from other programs can create a literal community of robots coding all on their own interconnected.

With already having a list of inputs and outputs for each code fragment, this AI system had the ability to know which pieces of code were important to bring about the desired results

A nice/insulting feature for this AI is it can look more precisely and accurately for source code than a human could ever do with its machine learning.

I think it’s ironic how we are creating machines that can work to make our lives easier, but then those same machines ultimately take our jobs.

This DeepCoder AI is independent of any human intervention to make it self code better
With this machine learning through trial and error, there may possibly be no need for a human to correct anything in the program or the AI system itself.

It’s in its infancy and there are no updated articles about its advancement to best of my knowledge,
but the way things in AI development are taking off,
a few months are gonna come by and BAM!, another robot stole another human job.
….Well until that time comes(hopefully it won’t, but I believe it will), I’m gonna still be coding ya hear me?

Some might say that I’m overthinking it, but I believe that it’s not going to just stop there and create basic applications, but create more and more complex applications until coders like me might not even be needed.

Scientists are excited about this and actively progressing the creation of AI systems with human like capabilities,
without having the actual human..

I may sound like a conspiracy theorist or an Elon Musk disciple,
but AI and it’s possibilities for mankind are what I believe will resemble what was in the iRobot movie starring Will Smith.

AI does have some upsides to it, like its usage in difficult exploration in mining and fuel where it would be dangerous for humans to do.

But I think a major downside to it would be putting that human out of work.

Big companies like Walmart would greatly profit off of this,
laying off workers because a robot can do their job more efficiently and effectively.

Nevertheless, I’m not going to allow it to scare me into submission and say
“the robots are going to rule the world and that ol’ conspiracy theory gospel.

I’m just gonna keep on moving and doing what I can do in programming.
I might be tripping about this whole AI taking over jobs thing and need to do more research on it.

Y’all let me know what I got mistaken about AI in the comment section.

Or am I spot and this AI is may be the nail in the hammer for mankind?
Let me know what your additions are to my philosophy of the matter.
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