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(Compilation) 10 Common Javascript Coding Interview Questions

Are you ready for your next front-end role 💼 💻 or are about to start a career as a front end developer/engineer? If so, here is a video 🎥 of 10 Common Javascript Coding Interview Questions that may appear on your next or future interview.

I took my previous post/video and compile it on a one video. Good luck if you are about to interview!


0:06 - Palindrome
1:18 - Find Min and Max
2:59 - Balanced Parenthesis
4:46 - Remove Duplicates In Array
6:08 - Reverse a string
7:27 - Count Vowels in a string
9:31 - Capitalize All Words in Sentence
11:25 - Commonly used character in a string
13:49 - Fizz Buzz
15:08 - Anagram


(If you want to see code that was used and play around with code)
Find Min and Max:
Balanced Parenthesis:
Remove Duplicates In Array:
Reverse a string:
Count vowels in a string:
Capitalize All Words in Sentence:
Commonly Used Character in a string:
Fizz Buzz:

Feel free to bookmark 🔖 even if you don't need this for now. You may need to refresh/review down the road when it is time for you to look for a new role.

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