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PowerApps BuildTools for Azure DevOps

For quite a long time I have been trying to automate the deployment of PowerApps solution/app. PowerApps build tools is still in Preview but this collection of Azure DevOps build tasks will help you eliminate all the manual intervention that is currently needed to manage the lifecycle of your application.

Normally, you would manually export your zip file from your development environment and import it into your production environment. You can now automate these tasks using Azure DevOps. To make use of these buildtools tasks you must install the extension from the Visual Studio market place into your Azure DevOps instance

This is an example of a very simple Build pipeline that publishes your zip file as artefact for deployment

Alt Text

Then, you can use these two PowerApps DevOps tasks in a Release pipeline to deploy to an environment

Alt Text

Cool huh?!

But that's not it. You can also automate the export of the zip file with this task

Alt Text

And you can take it even further, we know zip files are hard to track changes, so you can source control the contents of the zip files by using the unpack task

Alt Text

This set of DevOps tasks will definitely help you manage the lifecycle of your PowerApps going forward, there are also tasks to automate common environment management functions that you can use.

If like me, you also like to get ahead of the game, go start automating your apps now :-)

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Rav Panchalingam

hi Francisco have you figured out how to do automated solution versioning with these tools?