Is flutter the future

fultonbrowne profile image Fulton Browne ・1 min read

I really like the flexibility and the the insane cross platform ability but is it really the future? what do you think?


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i'm an android developer working with android studio and kotlin. but i think flutter is going to win the battle of Flutter and Android Studio because during my years of android development i haven't seen android-developers migrate to react-native but in past few years of Flutter i've seen many starting to learn and actually use Flutter. I guess Flutter will be the platform for Fuchsia OS which is suppose to work on all platforms. i mean just check out Flutter github page. it is amazing how fast it has grown in 2 years


I second Neil's comment.

However I do think things might change with the (predicted) arrival of Fuchsia OS.
If it does one day take over Android then Dart will be catapulted on the frontlines


I'm excited to learn flutter but I'm lazy to learn Dart.


If you know java/c++/javascript you will find Dart very easy to learn. I have been making applications with Flutter for months now and it did not take too much Dart training.


last week someone made website and windows 10 app with flutter and post it on youtube


cool. I'll it check it out.


I'm currently making a mobile app with flutter and it's fantastic. You will only find problems if you want to do very platform-specific things, but for more generic applications it is great.