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That's a good question.
I'd say it depends on my mood, but I usually listen to songs with a good bass and a heavy vibe, like the songs from Wanted, The Tech Thieves, The White Stripes, Nine Inch Nails, Arrested Youth, etc.

I also like to listen to JPOP (Japanese Songs) 'cause I can't understand anything and it's fast, so I like it. Sometimes I listen to Lo Fi Hip Hop too, this kind of music mix with the ambient.


Only the extremes - loud feminist rock (Sleater Kinney, Julie Ruin, L7...) or literally sometimes just wave noises or white noise playlists πŸ˜‚

I wish I could listen to podcasts while coding but my brain just can't handle it... Goes in one ear and out the other without me taking in a word!


Playlists on YT -> Epic musics, Lofi Hiphop, Tropical music, calm epic music :D


Falilv, rich brian, terraria soundtrack, RapCaviar(spotify playlist), imagine dragons, summer of 69, smells like teen spirit, hard bass drop #1 (spotify playlist)


I usually listen to lofi hip-hop, classical music, or the occasional Depeche mode. It really depends on what I'm feeling.


Philip Glass, Shylmagoghnar (new addition), brown noise and or a metronome (usually 60bps or 40bps)

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