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Whats in your bag?

I usually carry my phone, earbuds, laptop, ipad mini, and chargers for everything. what do you carry around with you?

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let's get this out of the way first, I carry a lot of crap stuff in my backpack. I also use my backpack for short trips, as I got it so I can have "a backpack to end all backpacks"

  1. laptop (pixelbook) + charger + pen(pixel pen)
  2. Bluetooth noise canceling headphones and earbugs
  3. Grid-it organizer
  4. Bluetooth mouse
  5. USB wireless mini keyboard (in case I need a backup keyboard)
  6. extra shirt, socks, underwear
  7. Mobile phone battery charger
  8. usb-c adapter(s) for laptop
  9. USB to usb-mini cords (for phone)
  10. wall phone plug, car phone adapter
  11. screen cleaners
  12. plastic bags, plastic forks, knife, spoon
  13. Granola bar snacks
  14. paper notebook
  15. pills for allergies, pain and heartburn.
  16. small Kleenex pack

The idea of carrying most of this is being prepared for almost anything, and minimal additions for trips 😄

I used to have a multitool but accidentally forgot to take it out when going thru TSA, could say I was too prepared :p

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Fulton Browne

Man that's a good list! I think I will get that bag it looks really nice and its bigger than my current bag (Adidas urban utility bag)

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Ben Halpern
  • Laptop
  • Laptop charger
  • iPhone charger
  • Micro USB (headphone charger)
  • Headphones
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I just came back home from a short trip abroad so it's full of clothes and power adaptors. Usually it's mostly empty and only has a powerbank, 3-4 chargers and micro-usb cables, a couple of programming books and a water bottle. Occasionally there's some random stuff like I've been carrying a crowbar with me for a few months because I needed to bring it to the office once and then forgot to take it out

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Noman Gul
  • small piece of cloth
  • Phone 📱
  • Laptop 💻
  • Chargers 🔌
  • Earbuds 🎧
  • and a lot of dust 😜