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How I get a senior developer job only with 6 months of experience?

Hi everyone! this is my first post... and why not? I'm writing this in english that not is my native lenguaje so be nice and If something is grammatically wrong pls let me a comment :D

So, How I got my senior development job only with 6 months of experience? Really this is not true, I coding from my 18 years as a hobby and I get freelance jobs, remote jobs but nothing professional. In my past I code in PHP, HTML, python, and scripting in linux terminal but I feel that something was wrong and I think if I really want follow this path to be a better developer I need change some things, What I did? at this time nothing relevant just keep studying Angular and others technologies, but what is the most important? that I still hitting the docs of many frameworks without fear to fail or get a bad feedback of my work, let my explain this a little bit more.

When you are in your first steps, the more important thing that you should never do is be self-centred because to learn you need study and hear a lot of opinions and be able to process, so a good practice about this is be a good person, you need ask for feedback all time as possible and make this your routine, code something and ask about how improve your code to your self or your co-workers.

More about feedback culture

Another thing that help me a lot to improve how a learn about something is in first step learn to fail, as developers we need or in others words We should learn to fail, learn about how through the failures we can get more experience for example if the algorithm in your mind is something like that:

senior = successTask + yearsOfExperience
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Please you need change this to:

senior = successTask + failuresExperiences + productiveExperience
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Where successTask obviously is all things that you feel great to share with others, a library a project, anything, the failuresExperiences is the most valued for me because if you don't have this in your algorithm you are losing the best part of coding, fail in something is great because this tell to others that you don't have fear to fail or unsure of changes and this is great! because this is a really valuable skills to the moderns companies and is a strong boost to new skills.

Also if you understand that the time is relative I'm sure that you understand that the hunters and human resources people always take the same mistake about

"Developer with more than 4 years of experience in {insert skills}"

. We know that this wrong because nothings have in common the years that someone are development in a lenguaje or framework if this person never took the time to investigate about the tool that he/she is using or learn how make a clean code so, this is the why I replace yearsOfExperience by productiveExperience because if you have a developer with 20 years of experiences but he or she just keep in the past and don't invest time in keep learning or keep updated maybe this is not so great.

Finally you work is valued too but you need learn from each others how improve your skills and determinate what is the path in a developer career that make you happy.

I recommend that take a time to do your Ikigai and write yours steps to be the developer, architect, team lead, chief that you want be.


I'm react native developer my short path is maybe be a react architect and for do this I building a multimodule architecture, with unit and e2e tests, CI, and others things. If you wanna be part of this check my repo and leave your comment if this post like you or wanna talk about other topic


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