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Prepare for a home assessment interview with React.Js and JavaScript

Hello, this post is about what i do to prepare before working on a React.js home project in an interview process. I realized pretty quickly that if that assessment is very tight on time, I will spend a bit on creating and setting my environment from scratch and I want to make my life easier, isn't everyone? :)

First, make sure you have the IDE in order, I used beta versions for a lot of months and those have an expiration date. Next, keep in check the tech stack that you will need (below commands are run from a terminal):

  • Package manager. Decide what to use or keep (yarn or npm) because it's cleaner and easier from my point of view to use one consistently across development
  • Node.js (install or update)
    For updating >$ yarn add global node

  • If you want to use Facebook create-react-app project (I always do that) then run this: >$ yarn add global create-react-app 
    For more information check out the official docs:

  • Time to create your project. Go to the folder where you want this project to exist and run this: >$ yarn create react-app interviewproject  This means I want to create a new project called "interviewproject" and for it be ready to open from my IDE of choice.

Caption from terminal of what a create-react-app does. Now it's time to open the newly created project from the IDE. I use IntelliJ and for this I simply need to go to File>Open and go to where the folder exists and that is it. 
To start the project, I use the terminal as well, type >yarn start and voilà, the application is alive and it opens in the default browser:

Local: http://localhost:3000/
On Your Network:

In this moment I like to add versioning if that is a need, check the package.json if I want to change the name of the application and most important add extra dependencies if I know I will need. These will take a bit of time (depending on network) but it can go a long way to have them installed. 

As extra stuff I like to create my file structure as I found it useful until now, I understand that everyone has different styles, and this is mine:

  1. src -> 'tests' keep the 'components' and 'service' folders and keep the same paths
  2. src -> 'actions' has action creators files, if you use Redux in the application
  3. src -> 'components' has many folders by user stories ex: "login", "settings", "posts", "add-posts" etc.
  4. src -> 'services' has all the used services (with clear names)
  5. src -> 'helpers' has all the helper .js files used in services logic
  6. src -> 'img', 'styles' has what the name suggest

That's my start of a project, and it makes me feel more prepared to tackle the assignment. Hope this helps you as well.

How do you prepare for a home project assessment? By sharing we can all learn.

Happy coding.

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Andrei Gatej

How did the interview go?

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Late reply, sorry. I don't really recall which interview was for, but since then I moved on. :)