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Terminal Website in Minutes!

Secret Terminal

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After surfing through the internet, I've found this very cool GH Repo on a Terminal Credit. Very easy to add commands and configure it yourself using the config.json. Use credit link or my repo to clone it. I also used this to get cool symbols. Feel free to clone it and overall have fun with it and message me if you have or need any help ❤️

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Cool Tips, thanks

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Viet Le


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Vedant Chainani

you can also use LiveTerm for creating Terminal style websites. It has many themes and customization options.

GitHub logo Cveinnt / LiveTerm

💻 Build terminal styled websites in minutes!

💻 LiveTerm - build terminal styled websites in minutes!

Highly customizable, easy-to-use, and minimal terminal styled website template, powered by Next.js.

Building a simple website with LiveTerm only takes minutes, and you only need to work with one file: config.json. After you cloned this repository, simply run yarn install && yarn dev and start editing config.json to build your website!

LiveTerm can be used to build a variety of websites:

Feel free to play with the web demo above!

📸 Showcase

LiveTerm with different themes

my personal website

🚀 Ship your LiveTerm site in less than 5 minutes

LiveTerm requires the yarn package manager. You can install yarn here.

Simply run the following commmand in your terminal:

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"
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This will install LiveTerm to the…

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Gabriel Pedroza

Yes, it is the exact same repo but unless I'm mistaken, Cveinnt forked it from m4tt72