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Gabri Cebria
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The one change you need to make to escape the rat race

🐄 The 9 to 5 was created for cows. Cows work slow, steady, and have “safe” jobs.

Unlucky cow

Most cows work in cages. Their job is not great (eating animal feed ain't the best), but they are content. It's all they know, and after all, it's not a hard life.

Other cows are luckier. They live comfy lives. They work in a green valley and eat grass daily. Some even think they own the valley.

Google cow

Sadly, all cows share the same destiny. One day every cow gets butchered by the system. Because even the luckiest cow is still a cow.

Most of us start as cows, and that's okay.

I’ve been there too. As a kid, I did everything expected of me (go to college, get a well-paid job). Until one day I realized the cow role was slowly killing my soul.

I hated the lack of freedom of the 9 to 5.

Luckily, there was a way out.

If this resonates with you, bear with me. You don't have to keep that role. There's another beast in town.

Meet the Lion

🦁 The Lion sleeps, relaxes, observes, and when they see prey (a task), they attack.

🎯 The Lion knows focus is more important than how long they work.

🏖 The Lion isn't obsessed with productivity, because their job is input-output asymmetric.

🎲 Because they own their work, they have time to explore and play before the next hunt.

Most successful freelancers and business owners are lions, and the good news is you can turn into a Lion today. Here's how:

How to become a Lion

It's all about your mindset. The world is a giant playground, and you get to choose the role you play. Society puts you in a box. If you like it, that's great. If not, it’s your responsibility to get out and re-create yourself. I wrote about this here.

Remember, you are not defined by your skills or degrees. They are nothing more than tools in your toolbox.

You can turn into a lion even while you have a regular job. With the lion mentality, you will see new possibilities everywhere, and it will allow you to take the leap to owning yourself sooner.

You should know this. The savannah can be scary at first. You will have to hunt your own food. You might even get hungry at first. But it gets easier. Lions are powerful and command attention. Once you're known as the lion you are, you will have a reputation, and opportunities will come directly to you.

Beware. There will be forces (family, friends, “safe” jobs) trying to keep you constrained. Don't forget to listen to yourself. The greatest thing about the world today is you get to choose who you want to be.

It's a wrap

Thanks for reading! For more advice, hit me up on twitter.

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Gabri Cebria

Thanks Sachit! My advice for you is to stay curious and patient as a student. Good luck :)

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Gabri Cebria

This mindset shift changed my life!

Do you have any mindset hack that helped you in particular?

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oops! I forgot that you were dev ;)