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Open Hacktoberfest Issues on Scaffolder

I have several fairly easy issues on my project Scaffolder.
If anyone is looking to contribute before hacktoberfest is over, this could be a good chance to help a fellow user, learn a few things and get that cool looking t-shirt 🙂

Hacktoberfest issues

Add Scaffolder templates to the example repo or create a public repo of your own, then just open a PR adding a link to your template here. (More details in the issue)

Add more templates to the example repo #27

Add more templates to the Github templates example repo.

  1. express boilerplate
  2. Svelte boilerplate
  3. Electron/react boilerplate
  4. update the typescript module

Have any ideas? add them to the examples repo or create a new repo with the template :)

This one is a bit more technical but still a short PR. I will guide anyone willing to tackle this.

can't use transformers for file or folder names because of the '|' character #17

Hi, I can't use the transformers because windows won't let me use the '|' character in file/folder names, not sure if it's a windows only issue or it affects other Operating systems also but do you know if there's any way to use transformers without the '|' character? I want to do this {{tagName | capitalize}}

Thanks, for creating this awesome tool.

Scaffolder repo

GitHub logo galElmalah / scaffolder

Scaffolder - Increasing dev velocity and standardizing file conventions.

Scaffolder logo


npm version GalElmalah lerna

Copy pasting is hard and prone to mistakes.
Keeping your project file structure consistent is annoying.
Sharing templates is too damn complicated!
This is where Scaffolder come in

For a brief introduction and motivation for this tool, read this.

check out the vscode extension


Getting started


Install scaffolder globally

npm i -g scaffolder-cli
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this will make the scaff command available globally, you can now type scaff i in the terminal, to enter the cli in interactive mode.

You can also use…

If something is unclear feel free to reach out!

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