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Wilfredo Pérez
Wilfredo Pérez

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30 Days of AWS (Day 0)


Today I was looking for any resource to start to study AWS because I didn't have any point to start. I was exploring the Jayendra Patil's blog It was recommended in several forum and pages every time that someone asked about resources to Study. This blog you can see the different topics that you need to get ready for the AWS certifications, besides I was checking the AWS official info to match that everything is correct.

After that I analyzed all the content that I should study, I saw that Linux Academy will be great because there you'll have all the content necessary to get prepared. Also, I don't but I've been getting a lot of ads from this platform so I decided to start with a free account and I'll pay If I need it.

My first course to take will be AWS Essentials because it covers the basics thing about this, they also have more advanced courses and I can use an AWS free tier account to test everything or at work I have one env that we use for testing features (It's the test server, it's a separate account). Besides, I followed two guys here Helen Anderson and Frank Rosner they have a lot of post about AWS platform my intention will be read one post written by them, obviously, that cover any point that I would be studying.

At the end of the day, I watched the getting started and the Account basic setting up everything. Today I spent more time than I expected but I have spare time so I thought let's study more time.

So that's all for today, I can't wait for tomorrow to start in the deep AWS world. You can follow me on Twitter as @DevWilfredo to get notified when I publish here.

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦

Even if you paid for content Solution Architect Associate content they are currently out of date with today's exams. I say this as even my junior developers failed SAA on our paid content.

So at ExamPro we are revamping our associate content by producing dozens of architectural diagrams to help understand how services connect together since exam questions have become are highly situational.

A good place to study is to watch some of our videos which are always situational and appear in some variation on the Solution Architect Associate exam.

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Wilfredo Pérez

Wow, Andre Thanks for the recommendation. I will take a look at because those are interesting. Thank you.