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Akshit Garg
Akshit Garg

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How was your 2020?

2020 is almost over! 🥳

This was a tough and different year to get through, and working from home was an entirely new experience for some.

Going past this year — what is something you will look back to?

Everything counts — big or small 🎉

Examples include:

  • Learning something new and exciting ✨
  • The moment that made you go "wow" 🌟
  • Developing a new habit 🧘‍♂️

Wishing everyone a happy 2021! 🎈

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2020 is awesome for tech peoples!

I launched Taskord -, my first production-level project to the world.

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Akshit Garg

Awesome. Atleast someone who found 2020 productive 😂
Happy new year! 🎉